Why Buy Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Are you looking for that one-of-a-kind piece of wood furniture that you can be sure that no-one else in the world has? That special piece with a unique history and of exceptional quality? Furniture made from reclaimed wood not only gives you this individuality but has a host of environmental benefits too. Here are five reasons you should consider buying reclaimed wood furniture:

  1. No one piece of furniture is the same. Everything is handmade and absolutely no mass production is involved. A large part of the charm of reclaimed wood furniture is the very fact that you and you alone are the owner of a unique piece of furniture – no reproduction possible!
  2. A piece of reclaimed wood furniture comes with its own special history, character, appearance and feel. This authenticity is what sets apart reclaimed wood from new wood. Each piece of furniture reflects the past and the distinctive markings in the wood and the feel of the timber tell the story of years and lives gone by.   You are buying a newly-made piece of furniture but inheriting one with a rich narrative.
  3. Reclaimed wood is sturdier, stronger and denser than new wood. All the contracting and expanding that the wood does in different temperatures and environments has already occurred. This is wood that has already stood the test of time!
  4. “Recycling” wood means a reduction in deforestation which in turn leads to less carbon emissions. Forests also provide a vital source of food and protection for communities and wildlife and the environmental impact of deforestation – both in terms of habitation and climate change – is of grave concern. Reclaimed wood furniture is a simple way of encouraging sustainability and protecting our planet for future generations.
  5. Using reclaimed wood means less waste being thrown into landfills. When wood is mixed with other types of waste it doesn’t always decompose completely and this can lead to the release of methane gas which is very damaging to the environment.

Buying reclaimed wood furniture not only ensures a unique, exceptional and “historic” piece of furniture but it is also environmentally friendly and helps to counter the depletion of natural resources which are vital for future generations.


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