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Artesandinos has been helping international customers source artisan products from Colombia for nearly 20 years, working as their buying and logistical agent. During this time we have worked with customers all over the world  and with over 100 artisan workshops and communities, helping them to develop products and packaging, and ensuring that these  are produced to the right quality and shipped on time.



“Colombia is a hidden gem. It has some of the world's most beautiful topography, colorful history and culture. But, some of its best gems are its artisans. For the past 15 years,  KALALOU has tapped the natural resources of Colombia and what this great country's artisans have to offer.  But we could not have made it happen without the hard work and dedication of ARTESANDINOS. Keeping track of the many suppliers we use and the thousands of products we have sampled over the years is a daunting task. But, this professional group has never missed a beat.  We count on them to stay in touch with our suppliers and keep us abreast of the production of our orders.  We consider them our team in Colombia and truly a part of the Kalalou family".

Doug and Susan Williams
Kalalou (United States)


Artesandinos SAS
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